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Bonjour, I’m Romain. A Lyon based designer, author of the Skate Art book and former head of digital in web agency.

Now, I’m helping people & brands to be outstanding, by creating communication materials and quality content.

Design solutions that speak to your clients.

Branding & Identity, packaging, editorial design, website, social media and digital marketing training and more.


Help skater lovers to hang their boards.

In partnership with Keflione from Royalclub Shanghai, we created a new design-driven brand to support artists and art lovers to present art on skateboards.


Highlight art made out of skateboards.

Skate Art, From the Object to the Artwork is a coffee table book make to show all the creativity made out of a piece of wood, by artists from all around the world.


Create ephemeral skate art exhibitions.

The skateboard inspires artists and thrills crowds. This is why since 2011, I have been organizing exhibitions on this theme with the Superposition gallery. The most recent, SPRAYING BOARD where we give each artist a mural of 4 skateboards to make their own.


artworks on skateboards.

Since 2011, has been a media focus on sharing boards, series and artists interviews that uses skate decks as a way to express their art.


Create 3D skate presentations for designers.

Artists or brands doesn’t always have the opportunity to do photo shoots to present their new skateboards. So I make realistic mockups of skateboards.


About Romain.

I’m a Lyon based designer with a digital marketing background. 

Solving problems through design is my favorite part of the job. In SEO, content is king. I keep saying that to my clients who want to improve their Google positions but for me the other king is design. Whether on the internet or in real life, design is the sensitivity that will convince and add value to what you offer your customers.

On the other hand, the idea is not to make pointless design. My marketing background, learned at the business school IDRAC, allows me to propose a visual solution that will suit your targets.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do with all of my projects.

2017 Kickstarter campain

With more hairs & less beard, here’s a video of me, skating and talking about my book project ‘Skate Art’.


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