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Since 2011, I’ve been building projects around skateboarding and art. It starts with the creation of the blog The Daily Board, then the writing of the book Skate Art, the creation of the brand Tigerclaw Supplies, the organization of the exhibitions Inking Board & Spraying Board and the creation of antique skate works under the name Rom av.JC.


In parallel, I write, illustrate or design for brands in the world of extreme sports. 

Recreating antique skate-jars.

To finally show the world that skateboarding existed in the Gallo-Roman era, that is my credo.


Create and hang your artworks.

In partnership with Keflione from Royalclub Shanghai, we created a new design-driven brand to support artists and art lovers to present art on skateboards.


Highlight art made out of skateboards.

Skate Art, From the Object to the Artwork is an anthology edited to highlight all the creativity made from a piece of wood, by artists around the world.


Create ephemeral exhibitions of
skate art.

Skateboard as a support inspires artists and thrills crowds. This is why since 2017, I have been organizing exhibitions on this theme. Visit our latest exhibition, SPRAYING BOARD as if you were there.


artworks on skateboards.

Since 2011, thedailyboard.co has been a media focus on sharing boards, series and artists interviews that uses skate decks as a means of expressing their art.


Create 3D skate presentations.

Artists or brands do not always have the opportunity to shoot the presentation photos of their new skateboards. For them, I make mockups of skateboards that are larger than life.


Design creative solutions.

Branding & Identity, packaging, editorial design, website, social media and digital marketing training and more.


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