Romain Hurdequint is a graphic designer and author of the book Skate Art: From the Street to the Artwork. “An anthology of skateboarding” according to Hypebeast, with “a selection of skateboard boards capable of rendering the richness of an artistic microcosm” explains Graffiti Art. Financed by the € 9,317 collected through its Kickstarter campaign, the book is now sold all over the world and especially in the prestigious museums of New York, MOMA and MET.

The book was created following the success of The Daily Board, the #1 blog on skateboarding art, with a community of more than 18,000 enthusiasts to date.

Romain organizes exhibitions in Lyon, Bordeaux and Paris where he collaborates with tattoo artists to create works of art from skateboards. As Le Progrès explains, “Each of them customizes two raw wooden skates, as they would on the skin of their customers”.

In the digital world since 2009, he is the former digital marketing manager of the ITIS Commerce agency for whom he continues to lead Classrooms on e-reputation, Instagram or the creation of powerful blog articles.

Today, Romain supports companies to create quality content on the Internet and to have aesthetic and coherent communication media with the audience they target.

He is also the co-founder of Tigerclaw Supplies, a design-centric brand that creates products for skateboarders and art lovers.

Romain likes to skate at the end of the day, the Dinosaurus with Chocolate and write ‘About’ pages in the third person.

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I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want

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